Kimberly Ryan

Kimberly Dana Ryan holds a B.A. in French Language and Literature from The King's College.

After her teaching career, she studied painting with Lorraine McGowan for several years.

She is an avid choral singer, gardener, and biker.

Her work in both oil and acrylic strives to mix the influence of the masters of the past and present into a fresh tableau.

"I feel fortunate to be living in an age where current artists' work can readily viewed online.

Today a painter can be inspired by painters from around the world, whether living or legend."

"When I first set out to paint seriously, I thought, 'What could I possibly contribute to this already established world of great art?'

The answer was, 'Each person is unique, therefore what proceeds from that person will be distinct."

"Beauty endures. It can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. It points to who is beyond ourselves and to who we are."

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