John M. Carnright featured Artist


Artist, Futurist & Novelist ~

Making his home in Milford, Ct.,

J.M. Carnright continuously evolves and has been highly active exhibiting paintings and sculpture over the past 50 + years.

John has  an abundance of artworks exhibited across the USA and in many cities including:

New York City, Los Angeles, Denver and worldwide in Berlin, Beijing, Vienna, Prague, Paris and beyond.

These are some of his collections worldwide.

Robert Mendleson, PELHAM, NY
Rubin Collection, Los Angeles, CA.
Makinodan Collection, Los Angeles, CA.
Kadri Collection, Sherman Oaks, CA. & Kadri collections at TMOCA [Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art]
Calapa Collection, Brownsville, Texas.
Kurnik Collection, Los Angeles, CA.
Lipman Collection, Los Angeles, CA.
McDonald's Corporate Art Collection  – Oakbrook, Illinois
Exxon Corporate Art Collection – Irving, Texas
KECK Oil Company – Private & Public Collection, Los Angeles, CA
World Financial Center [Oppenheimer & Sons/Fink Collection], NYC, NY
Santa Monica Towers, Santa Monica, CA
Alice Tu, Private Collection -
USA & Macau, China

Jack Colvin Private Collection, L.A., CA
Sharon Gless Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA
Michael Warren Private Collection, Beverly Hills, CA
Jonathan Tirone, Bloomberg News, Vienna, Austria
Andrew Griebl – Vienna, Austria and many others

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