Brechin Morgan

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Brechin and his wife Sandy are long time residents of Milford.

A native of Connecticut, he spent many summers of his youth on a mile long beach near New London. He watched the ships entering and leaving the harbor and realized all the harbors of the world were connected by the water that lapped that shore.

He longed to sail over the horizon to see them all. His wandering started In 1963, at the age of sixteen, when he left high school to hang out and work in the bohemian-beat atmosphere of Greenwich Village.

He hitch-hiked across the US and Mexico riding over 1,000 miles through the southwest in railroad boxcars. He drank tequila with Apache artists in El Paso, played the jug with folk singers in Los Angeles, and crewed on a Brixham trawler in the Virgin Islands, sailing to Martinique.

Returning home, Brec attended two years at Silvermine College of Art in New Canaan Connecticut where he studied painting in the tradition of the Black Mountain College with Instructors who had studied with Joseph Albers at Yale.

He decided to become the next great abstract expressionist painter but a family and reality came up next and for over twenty years he owned and managed a sign company in South Norwalk, CT. During that time he was commissioned to paint over 15 large outdoor murals in CT and NY.

Changing course again, Brec fulfilled a lifelong dream and spent four and a half years sailing solo around the world in his 27 foot cutter "Otter"- one of only a few hundred people to do so since Joshua Slocum in 1898. It earned him the Golden Circle Award from the Joshua Slocum Society.

Upon returning home to Connecticut, Brec set up a studio in Bridgeport where he continues to paint from his sailing and marine experiences, keeping it fresh cruising the New England coast in the summers, and sampling lobster rolls with his wife Sandy in every port.

Brec is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists..He has had many solo and group shows and is represented by numerous galleries in New England,