Arden Katz

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Artist Statement

As a young person, I always loved painting buttercups on tiny white ceramic butter dishes.

I loved working with watercolors and acrylics, always drawing,  creating flowers, animals and people.

My graphic design degree is useful in creating 3 D imagery in my ceramic pieces. I continued with classes in photography, drawing, painting and ceramics and received my bachelor of fine arts degree.

I fell in love with ceramics. I continued with ceramic classes in hand building at Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT

My pieces are all hand created.

Often using real flowers that I dip into clay and then fire the delicate flowers that burn off in the kiln leaving the shell of the flowers.

I use insects that are no longer alive and I press them into clay to have an imprint of their little bodies.

I'm influenced by beautiful nature to create.

I currently live in Orange, Ct.