Vera Wolf

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Vera Wolf Jewelry is made by hand almost exclusively on the island of Bali where Vera and Wolf, started their business twenty five years ago.

 They were at the same time charmed and somewhat saddened from their early visits to Bali; charmed by the beauty, grace and good nature of the Balinese people, yet saddened by the hardships of daily life in some of the smaller villages.

From the beginning, they chose to deal with small family owned silversmith groups and to this day, almost all of their original silversmiths remain.

As Vera Wolf has grown and prospered, so have the lives of our friends, half a world away.

Wolf designs the jewelry, which has been described as largely organic in nature.  

His ideas draw upon various influences ranging from natural elements and spiritual symbols, to themes from the Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.