Our Artists

Rosemary Celon-Gordon
Rosemary's jewelry like her other works of art are mixed media art to wear.  Her timeless designs, often vintage in look are created using fine silver, sterling silver, silver plate, bronze, brass, copper and pewter.

Very often mixing these metals in her designs. Many of the pieces are constructed with cold connections using rivets, resins and wire wrapping techniques.

Precious metal clay in fine silver as well as Bronze, millefiori glass ... [ more ]

Ayala Bar
Ayala Bar was born and presently resides in Israel.  In the late 1980's she surfaced as a prominent Israeli jeweler.

Her current designs blend natural elements and glass with assorted metals and fabrics to create a rich mosaic, resulting in the most intricate, limited-edition pieces ... [ more ]

Simply Charming by Dorothy Addario
Dorothy Addario of Milford, CT is a hairdresser by day and jewelry artist by night.

Always dabbling in some form of art, her recent inspirations have taken her to creating vintage inspired charm necklaces.

These beautiful pieces can also be custom designed ...

Perhaps you have a few sentimental keepsakes in your jewelry box that can be added to her creations. [ more ]

Vera Wolf
Vera Wolf Jewelry is made by hand almost exclusively on the island of Bali where Vera and Wolf, started their business twenty five years ago. 

They were at the same time charmed and somewhat saddened from their early visits to Bali; charmed by the beauty, grace and good nature of the Balinese people, yet saddened by the hardships of daily life in some of the smaller villages. From the beginning, they chose to deal with small family owned silversmith groups and to this day, almost all of their original silversmiths remain ... [ more ]

Roman Glass
Saphirim Rahav is an Israeli leading Roman glass manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry design.  The company was established in 1978 by Kibbutz Revadim

Their collection features unique designs, made with ancient 2000 year old Roman glass, artfully combining semi-precious stones, gold and silver.

The collection is created by their 3 in-house designers and contains a wide variety of styles for all age groups.  The diversity in the designs, allows each woman the opportunity to pick out a special piece of jewelry suited just for her ... [ more ]

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